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Webley Revolver Pistol - Soft Dart Cosplay/Prop Toy Gun

Webley Revolver Pistol - Soft Dart Cosplay/Prop Toy Gun

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Introducing the Webley Revolver Dart Blaster, an impressive and realistic dart blaster that brings the iconic Webley revolver to life. With its attention to detail and unique functionality, this dart blaster offers an immersive shooting experience like no other.

The Webley Revolver Dart Blaster features a design that closely resembles its real-life counterpart, complete with authentic detailing and a comfortable grip. What sets it apart is its innovative use of shells, adding a touch of realism to your dart blasting adventures.

With its revolving cylinder and shell-based system, the Webley Revolver Dart Blaster allows you to load foam darts into individual shells. This unique feature mimics the loading process of a real revolver, enhancing the overall shooting experience and adding an extra layer of authenticity.

Each shell holds a foam dart and fits snugly into the cylinder of the dart blaster. As you pull the trigger, the cylinder rotates, aligning the next shell and dart for firing. This rotating cylinder mechanism adds excitement and realism to your dart blaster battles.

The Webley Revolver Dart Blaster offers reliable performance, launching foam darts with precision and accuracy. Its ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold, allowing you to aim and fire with confidence.

For enthusiasts of realistic dart blasters or fans of historical firearms, the Webley Revolver Dart Blaster is a must-have addition to your collection. Experience the thrill of shooting foam darts with style and authenticity, as this dart blaster delivers an immersive and engaging dart blasting experience using shells.


Package includes:
1 x Blaster
6 x Plastic Shells
20 x Darts (10 suction, 10 soft head)

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