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Dart Armoury

M416 Automatic Gel Blaster

M416 Automatic Gel Blaster

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Unleash Adventure with the M416 Gel Blaster
Experience heart-pounding battles with the M416 Gel Blaster, combining realism and thrill for an electrifying playtime.

Precision and Performance in One Package
Achieve exceptional accuracy and domination on the battlefield with the M416 Gel Blaster's precision-engineered design and rapid-fire capabilities.

Customize Your Strategy
Tailor your tactics with customizable accessories, from adjustable stocks to tactical rails, adapting your gear to your unique playstyle.

Safety First, Adventure Always
Prioritize safety with soft gel balls as ammo, offering a harmless yet exhilarating adventure, backed by an environmentally friendly approach.

Package Includes:

1 M416 Gel Blaster

Ammo Pack


Silencer and flash hider barrel extensions 

Battery & Chargee

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