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[Package] Heroes of the West

[Package] Heroes of the West

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Introducing the "Heroes of the West" Package!

Step into the shoes of legendary frontier heroes with our exclusive "Heroes of the West" package bundle. This extraordinary collection features two remarkable shell-ejecting dart blasters—the Winchester 1894 Repeater and the Python Double Action Revolver. Prepare to dominate your battles with unrivaled firepower and precision.

1. Winchester 1894 Repeater: Channel the spirit of the Wild West with this shell-ejecting dart blaster inspired by the iconic Winchester 1894 Repeater. Load the specialized shells with foam darts, insert them into the gun, and experience the thrill of rapid-fire action. Feel the power and accuracy as you engage in epic showdowns, defending your territory with the flair of a true gunslinger.

2. Python Double Action Revolver: Embodying the classic revolver design, the Python Double Action Revolver shell-ejecting dart blaster offers elegance and performance in one package. Load the shells with foam darts, insert them into the cylinder, and prepare for battles that will leave your opponents in awe. With its smooth action and impressive range, this dart blaster delivers a truly immersive Wild West experience.

The "Heroes of the West" Bundle combines history, power, and excitement, allowing you to relive the adventures of the frontier. These shell-ejecting dart blasters provide an authentic and exhilarating shooting experience, propelling foam darts with remarkable speed and precision.


Package includes: 

1 x Winchester 1894 Repeater (6 shells)

1 x Python Revolver (6 shells)

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