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Metal Double Action Revolver Gun

Metal Double Action Revolver Gun

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Introducing our high-performance Shell-Ejecting Metal Tactical Revolver! This sleek and realistic toy firearm is designed for enthusiasts seeking an immersive and authentic shooting experience. Crafted with premium materials, including a durable metal & nylon frame, this revolver guarantees durability and a solid feel in your hands.

The shell feature adds an exciting level of realism to your playtime. Load the specially designed shells with projectiles, insert them into the cylinder, and prepare for action. With each pull of the trigger, the revolver fires a projectile while simultaneously rotating the cyclometer and hammer, creating a thrilling and dynamic shooting experience.

Our Shell-Ejecting Metal Tactical Revolver combines style with functionality. Its ergonomic grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold, allowing for precise aim and control. Whether you're engaging in target practice or engaging in mock battles, this revolver delivers exceptional performance, accuracy, and hours of endless fun.

Join the league of elite toy gun enthusiasts and experience the power and authenticity of our Shell-Ejecting Metal Tactical Revolver. Embrace the excitement and precision of a real revolver while enjoying the safety and thrill of a toy. Upgrade your playtime arsenal and make a statement with our top-of-the-line revolver. Get yours today and be ready to dominate the battlefield!


Package includes:
1 x Blaster
8 x Plastic Shells
24 x Projectiles


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